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Analytics: How to Make The Most Of Your Time

In this post, I'm writing about some of the day-to-day hacks that can help you keep tabs on the website performance without spending a lot of time keeping track of things. This is helpful, especially if you're a startup or a one-person marketing team with a ton of stuff on your to-do list.

Analytics tools give you loads of data that you absolutely need to monitor on a frequent basis in order to understand how users are engaging with your website and your content. At all times, you need to know what, when and which of the marketing efforts is generating 'sales leads', 'purchase' etc

Here are some quick hacks to help you monitor key performance metrics at a glance while your focus largely remains on the all other marketing activities that drive traffic and generate demand for your product.

To start, it gets a lot easier if you just break it down into small groups (what I call dimensions). Select the TOP 3 metric that you want to keep track, for each dimension. The metric that you choose would be those that are important for your business. Example: as a b2b marketer, I consider bounce rate a one of the key metric my top 3 performance metric list among others (I largely see that as a measure of the quality of the traffic to the website). Similarly, a blogger would consider Avg. session time more relevant than (say) bounce rate.

Once you've selected the metrics you need, here's are some simple tools & hacks that can help you stay on top of these without much effort:

The Google Analytics app in SumoMe store comes in handy for the job, it lets you add up to 3 metrics that can be tracked via a quick widget (something like below image) saving a lot of time. SumoMe is a nice tool to have in your website toolkit. It's free. With this, you'll notice this widget popup (below) every time you're on your own website, saving you a lot of time.

Based on a B2B SaaS company, for me, here's my top 3 metric list:

#1 D - Performance centric -

  1. Bounce Rate - in an instant l know the quality of the traffic to the site, this helps identify high-quality traffic source, plug the hole on low-quality ones (source can be: keywords, referral links etc)

  2. Average session duration: a proxy for user engagement. I have a written details in my essay on 'users engagement' & 'value based marketing' click here to read it. Subscription / Signups / trials & demos - for all its worth

#2 D 'Growth Centric'

  1. Traffic: # of visitors and sessions/visit - this helps keep tabs with the traffic and and their engagement

  2. Traffic: # of organic sessions - a performance measure for SEO, content, etc.

  3. Conversion Cohort (this is not a metric that I look into daily, but yes, on a bi-weekly or monthly basis).

On top if this, I also recommend the Intelligence Events in GA to send alerts based on dynamic events that are critical to the business, here are some examples:




Let me know what you think!

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I'm Shreedhar Vepencheri - a 'Product Minded' growth marketing executive with experience in product marketing, demand generation in the SaaS space.

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