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The Marketing Tools

Much of the marketing effort is driven by the tools we marketer use. It is these tools that get us through the day, every day and makes our lives easier. It is through these tools we engage with our customer, gain insights on competition, customer behaviour et al.

So, here’s a list of tools that you can ‘consider’ adding to the marketing arsenal. But before we get to the list, I want to put in a disclaimer, I am not associated with any of the companies listed here. These are tools that I have used and found very helpful. Some of the listed ones are free or offers freemium plan while other are paid.

There’s a famous saying in the start-up world – “Keep it lean”. So remember, you are not missing a tool if you don’t feel a need for it!

So, consider these tools as need evolves.

Traffic and Demand-Gen

Organic and SERP


Moz builds tools that make SEO, inbound marketing, link building, and content marketing easy. It’s a neat tool that offers great insights into the search engine (organic) landscape of your industry, including your competition including the backlinks, page rank, page authority etc. to help you strategize your inbound strategy better.


KWfinder lets you discover new KWs along with PPC bid, competition and as well as organic ranking. You can also see which sites are currently ranking and how easy (or difficult) to rank for that KWs. This way you’ll know which KWs to focus on and which ones are a long-shot (just yet).


Need to know where your competition is generating their links from? Ahrefs is a toolset for SEO and marketing. Provides the tools for backlink research, organic traffic research, keyword research, content marketing & more.

Paid Traffic and KW discovery


Do you run paid ads to generate traffic to your website? Always on the look-out for low-cost keywords to generate traffic? Have a bidding war with the competition? Well, if any of the answers is Yes. Spyfu - a search analytics tool is probably the one you need. Costing about $50 per month, this tool gets you all the information you need including your competitions spends, the KWs they run, the Ad copy they use and more. Not just that, this tool also gives you back-links (other websites that are pointing to your competitors). There are other similar search analytics tools such as SEMRush and (KWfinder gives you the SERP difficulty score so you’d use that all your SEO strategies).


Google Anaytics – is awesome and it’s free!

Google Search Console – previously known as webmaster’s tool, is a free tool, is really useful to get stats on how your website is doing and its general health with respect to Google Search Engine. The Google Search console gives loads of data on how your visitors are finding your website on google and how to optimize website search friendliness (w.r.t Google).

User Engagement

User engagement is perhaps the crux of marketing and marketing automation. Below are some awesome tools that can help you engage with your audience (customers, website visitors, subscribers, sales prospects et al).


This neat little tool helps engage with website visitors and grow subscriptions and signups. The tools offer an array of different what’s known as ‘apps’ viz ‘Welcome mat’, smart bars, etc., that can be easily set up to grow user engagement.


A simple yet powerful marketing automation platform that nicely integrates with your CRM to provide custom automation/engagement and scoring logic that can overlap with your sales funnel.


An awesome tool that can redefine that way you communicate with your customers across multiple functional departments – marketing, product, support, sales et al. Support in-app messaging and email communication channels. You can automate customer engagement without compromising context. In fact, you can add custom variables and set up automated context-rich engagement campaigns!


A multi-channel user engagement platform, use mobile push, email, web push, in-app and SMS to communicate with your customers.

Productivity and Team collaboration

The company is all about its people. Here are some of the tools that help bring out the best your team has to offer. A wide range of tools that helps track any project’s status and sprint for release plans. Example: Atlassian, Aha Labs (product), Asana, and Trello, and Slack for communication.

Tools for Sales Teams

When we say software for sales, CRM is the first thing that comes to mind! 😊 But there are plenty of tools for sales people that help boost productivity, team collaboration, and help deliver greater intelligence. So, keeping CRMs out of the mix here are some sales productivity tools. this tool makes the whole process of scheduling a time easier.


A comprehensive platform with various tools for the sales team that helps boost productivity, automate engagements, gain deeper insights on their prospects.

I’d love to hear from you. If you have any feedback or want to suggest any tool, Let me know in the comments below.



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I'm Shreedhar Vepencheri - a 'Product Minded' growth marketing executive with experience in product marketing, demand generation in the SaaS space.

In this space I'm writing about my experiences in SaaS Marketing World.  If you liked any of the stuff you read, please do share, subscribe and comment  :-)  (I'd love hear your thoughts!)


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